St.John's Institution  or SMK St. John, Kuala Lumpur is a premier secondary school for boys (and girls for form six) and one of the oldest schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The school is widely known as SJI and the students of St. John's Institution bear the name "JOHANNIANS"

    In the last 107 years (1904 - 2011), thousands of boys and girls from all walks of life ranging from royalties to children of  prime ministers, politicians, civil servants and ordinary citizens were schooled at St.John's. The students composition has always been multi ethnic and multi religious. Girls collectively known as the Eagirls are enrolled only in the lower and upper sixth forms.

   The students of St.John's who are fondly known as Johannians possess a burning spirit - The Johannian Spirit that is described as a rich blend of incredible love towards the school, great leadership skills, unity, loyalty, outstanding  manners and class. SJI is famous for its high achievements in academic, sports and other activites for secondary school level in Malaysia and it is considered as one of the best non-residential schools in Malaysia.

   Recently, SJI was named as one of the "Cluster School" of  excellence by The Malaysia Ministry of Education which will be given autonomy in administration and adequate funding to excel in specialised fields such as academic, sports and extracurricular activiies of choice.

     St. John's Institution also has a distinction for being one of the very few schools in Malaysia which enrols visually impaired students ( blind and low vision students) in the lower and upper six classes. As part of their curriculum, these visually impaired students attend  normal classes with the rest of the students. The school has a Resource Room for the visually impaired students which is attended by specially trained teachers and a voluntary students club comprising of a large group of students who volunteer their time to assist their visually impaired schoolmates.


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